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Simple - Register in a few easy steps.  To help you, watch this video for further instructions  To see video [Click Here].

You can do this by submitting the Article/Blog to Diamond and Platinum Writers. Since they have a higher rating, the standard of their work is better. Either way you do not need to pay for Articles/Blogs that you reject.

Yes, you can. Click on the 'Customize' button. The portion of the Calendar with the time frame you have selected will appear. You can click on the relevant dates the Blogs are required. There is a Blog count provided for your reference. You can even suggest titles for the Blogs.

You get three days [72 hours] to approve or reject the Article/Blog. After that it is auto approved. When this is done, the Writer gets paid and you get the Article/Blog, by default. Visit the site regularly and take time to review and approve/reject the Article/Blog. If you reject an Article/Blog within the permitted time span, you need not pay for it. However, the Writer retains rights to the Article/Blog.

This means that an Article/Blog which you have posted has been written and submitted by a Writer. You have to review the Article/Blog, approve/reject it and then rate the Writer. If you approve it, the Writer gets paid. If you reject it, the Writer does not get paid and the Article/Blog goes back to the general pool to be written by another Writer. If the Article/Blog is well written, but the content is not what you are seeking, you have the right to reject the Article/Blog without assigning a rating. The Writer will not be paid, but it will not affect his overall rating. This option has been given to be fair to the Writer.

Sometimes due to communications errors, the PayPal notification regarding your payment does not reach us. Click here and give us your PayPal transaction ID and the amount deposited. We will ensure that your account is credited without delay.

This site uses an unique "Click Through Process" to inform the Writer about Keywords, LSI Keywords, Keyword Phrases etc. There is a box provided to give additional instructions. After filling in this form, you can review the instructions and submit the Article/Blog to be written or you can make further modifications to your instructions. Your instructions are saved for future reference and use. The entire process is self-explanatory and simple.

Yes, there is. After you submit a few Articles/Blogs to be written, you can identify Writers who write in a style you like. By submitting new requests to them, you will get the type of Article/Blog which satisfies your requirements. The Writer also gets an extra 5% for the 'Special Request'.

You are welcome to contact us through www.scribesforyou.com/contactus.php. We will respond in the shortest possible time.  That's a promise.  Writers and Requesters are our partners in progress and we give utmost importance to your communications.


This site has been designed to be user friendly.  Once you register, click 'WRITE ARTICLES' or 'SPL PROJECTS' and you are on the way to earning money.  You can watch this short tutorial video [Click Here] for further information and guidance.

Unlimited. Select and write as many Articles/Blogs as you wish. The more Articles/Blogs you write, the more money you make.

All payments are made through PayPal. You must create a valid PayPal account to get paid. Flexible options of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments are available. You also have the option of getting 'Payment on Request' [Instant Pay]. However, this will not affect your previous payment preferences for future transactions. You can opt to receive your payment when the amount crosses $100 or when the amount you have specified accumulates in your account. Weekly payments are sent every Wednesday, bi-weekly on alternate Wednesdays. For monthly payments you have the option of being paid on the 6th or 26th of the month.

From the price of the Article/Blog the Writer gets 81%. The rest constitutes fees for PayPal transactions, plagiarism checks, administrative costs etc. For example, for a 500 word Article/Blog, a Gold grade Writer gets $2.43. For the same Article/Blog, a Platinum grade Writer gets $4.05. When you make it to the Diamond grade, the same Article/Blog will fetch you more than $8! If a Requester likes your style of writing and submits it to you as a "Special Request", then you will get an additional 5% payment.

Scribes For You has three grades. The highest is Diamond, followed by Platinum and Gold. You start as a Gold Writer. To get Platinum status you must have 25 reviews and get an average rating of at least 4.0 stars. To make it to the Diamond grade, you need to meet the same criteria as a Platinum Writer, plus you must have an average rating of at least 4.6 stars.

This means that a Requester likes the style and quality of your work and has specially requested your services as a Writer. When someone makes a 'Special Request', you will get an alert and you must accept it within the time specified or it will revert to the General Pool. Good News! You will make 5% more and your earnings will be 86%!

This means the Requester requires a series of Blogs on specific dates to meet his deadline. If it has been given to you as a 'Special Request', then it will be released to you in batches. Depending on the Requester's deadline, you have to submit the Blogs. You can check the calendar for the deadlines.

After you submit your Article/Blog to the Requester, he has three days [72 hours] to approve it. If he does not take any action within three days [72 hours], the Article/Blog is auto-approved and you get paid. If the Requester rejects your Article/Blog, due to any reason, you will not get paid. If you maintain a high standard of writing, it is unlikely that your Article/Blog will be rejected.

All Articles/Blogs are run through Copyscape before being sent to the Requester for approval. If the Article/Blog fails the Copyscape check for plagiarism, then you will get a Pop-up advising you of the problem. The portions highlighted in color are those Copyscape objected to. You have to correct those portions and re-submit the Article/Blog. You can re-submit an Article/Blog up to five times and if it fails Copyscape even after five attempts, the site will block the Article/Blog. The writing request will be returned to the general pool. From the second to the fourth attempt, you will be charged $0.05 for each Copyscape check. You will be charged $0.10 for the fifth attempt. Always ensure your Articles/Blogs are original and not plagiarized.

It is important to tell the other Writers about your experience writing for the Requester. You can let them know if he approves Articles/Blogs fast, is he strict about instructions etc. When you write an honest review, you can let others judge the Requester better. Use this option judiciously and in a professional tone.

Do not worry. The writing field has an auto-save option and this will enable you to retrieve your work. There is also a "Save Draft" button which you can use to save an Article/Blog at periodic intervals. You can also write the Article/Blog in a "Word" document and then cut and paste it on the writing field. Please do not use any special characters as they may not be recognized.

You are welcome to contact us through www.scribesforyou.com/contactus.php  We will respond in the shortest possible time.  That's a promise.  Writers and Requesters are our partners in progress and we give utmost importance to your communications. 



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